2025 SPECIAL: Nuuk ↑ Qaanaaq ↓ Ilulissat

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A one-time rotation from the capital of Greenland to the northernmost town with a final stop in Ilulissat.

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  • Aallarfissaq: Nuuk
  • Tikiffissaq: Ilulissat
  • Sivisussusia: 13 unnuit
  • Umiarsuaq: Sarfaq Ittuk
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Embark on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure with the Sarfaq Ittuk, starting from Greenland's bustling capital, Nuuk. This exclusive voyage offers a unique opportunity to explore the Arctic's breathtaking landscapes and vibrant local cultures, traveling to the northernmost town of Qaanaaq, the remote community of Siorapaluk, and then heading southward to the enchanting town of Ilulissat. Experience an immersive journey with 19 thoughtfully arranged stops across 14 distinct destinations. Each port visit is designed with prolonged stays, giving you ample time to disembark, sightsee, and engage deeply with the local communities. From wandering through ancient hunter's paths in Qaanaaq to watching colossal icebergs calve into the sea in Ilulissat, each destination offers a glimpse into Greenland's heart and heritage. Travel comfortably aboard the Sarfaq Ittuk, known for its friendly crew and cozy accommodations. The ship acts not just as a means of travel, but as a window to the soul of the Arctic. Watch the northern lights dance across the sky or bask in the midnight sun, depending on the season. This journey promises not only breathtaking sights but also meaningful connections with the people who call these remote regions home. Embrace the rare chance to blend in with locals, learn about their traditions, and witness the untouched natural beauty of Greenland. Join us on this remarkable local expedition with Sarfaq Ittuk — where every stop is a story and every view a lasting memory. This is more than a voyage; it's a deep dive into the lifeblood of the Arctic.

2025 SPECIAL: Nuuk ↑ Qaanaaq ↓ Ilulissat,2025 SPECIAL: Nuuk ↑ Qaanaaq ↓ Ilulissat,2025 SPECIALE: Nuuk ↑ Qaanaaq ↓ Ilulissat, map

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Ullukkut 1: Nuuk
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Aallarfissaq: 21:00

Nunatsinni illoqarfiit pingaarnersaat uummaarissuuvoq nutaaliaallunilu, kulturikkut eqiteriffiuvoq, silaannarissuulluni, kaffisorfissaqarluni silamilu sammisassarpassuaqarluni.

Ullukkut 2: Maniitsoq
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Tikiffissaq: 07:00
Aallarfissaq: 09:00
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Premium with mattress topper
Siniffik: 70x195 cm
Ammaannartoq Premium
Bedsize: 70x195 cm. Welcome to the epitome of comfort and luxury aboard the Sarfaq Ittuk ship, where we offer a total of 14 premium couchettes in a private and exclusive section. Designed with your utmost comfort in mind, this closed-off area boasts only two entrance doors, reserved exclusively for premium couchette travelers. Within this premium section, you'll find all the amenities you need for a relaxing journey. There are two well-appointed bathrooms and two toilets, ensuring convenience during your stay. Additionally, you'll have access to your own kitchenette, stocked with a selection of coffee, tea, and refreshing water, allowing you to enjoy your favorite beverages at your leisure. The premium couchettes themselves are a true embodiment of luxury. Each couchette is designed based on suite elements, featuring top-notch mattresses that guarantee a restful night's sleep. Premium beddings add an extra layer of comfort, ensuring you wake up refreshed and rejuvenated. To maximize your privacy, heavy curtains surround each couchette, creating a cozy and tranquil haven for you to unwind. Out of the 14 premium couchettes, three areas are equipped with two premium couchettes each, perfect for couples or travelers seeking extra space. In addition, there are two areas with four premium couchettes, ideal for families or larger groups. To keep you connected to the outside world and provide stunning views of the passing landscapes, each premium couchette area is fitted with a window. Experience the ultimate in relaxation and luxury during your voyage with our premium couchettes. We invite you to indulge in a journey marked by comfort, privacy, and breathtaking scenery. Your premium travel experience starts here.
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28.799 DKK
27.359 DKK
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Ammaannartoq qulleq ↑
Ammaannartuni 8-it tikillugit innarfissaqarpoq. Torsuusami tamanit atorneqarsinnaasunik perusuersartarfeqarlunilu uffarfeqarpoq. Ilaasussat ilaat namminneq sinngup puuanik nassartarput, aammali periarfissaavoq billitsimik pisinermi imaluunniit umiarsuarmi tippimik pisisoqarsinnaalluni. Innangaffissat umiarsuup quleriinni 1, 2 aamma 3-mi inissisimapput, taakkunanilu ilaat igalaaqanngillat.
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23.999 DKK
22.799 DKK
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14 sinneruttut
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Sarfaq Ittummut tikilluarit: Sarfaq Ittuk

M/S SARFAQ ITTUK 1992-imi sananeqarpoq 2000-milu tallineqarluni. Ineeqqat parnaartartut kusanarnerusut 2023-mi 2024-milu neqeroorutaalerput. Umiarsuup miiterinik 73-inik takissuseqarpoq sumiluunniit talissinnaalluni, taamaasilluni umiarsuarmiit toqqaannaq nunamut takornariartoqarsinnaalluni

  • Umiarsuarmi sulisut: Kiffartuussineq kalaallisut, tuluttut qallunaatullu ingerlavoq.
  • Café Sarfaq: Ullut tamaasa ammasarfiit 07:00-22:00.