The North to South Voyage

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Journey out from the home of the most active glacier in the northern hemisphere, Ilulissat, and head towards southern Greenland's serene and mesmerizing landscapes near Qaqortoq and Narsaq.

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About the voyage

  • Departure: Ilulissat
  • Arrival: Narsaq
  • Duration: 7 nights
  • Ship: Sarfaq Ittuk
Available packages
Meals on board x19
Addons x2
Destinations x21

Embarking Sarfaq Ittuk in the northern region of Greenland and disembarking in the southern region. The North to South Voyage provides an experience of most of the habituated west coast of Greenland. With no predefined tours or excursions, this journey is the ideal choice if you wish to stay as close to the authentic local travel experience as possible or if you wish to decide at a later point which experiences you would like to have along the way.

The North to South Voyage,Die Nord-Süd-Reise,Nord til Syd rejsen,Avannaaniit kujataanut angalaneq map


Day 1: Ilulissat
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Departure: 19:30

Ilulissat is home to the UNESCO listed Ilulissat Icefjord, where whale blows or sled dog paws echo off icebergs larger than your imagination.

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Day 1: Qasigiannguit
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Arrival: 22:30
Departure: 23:00
Time to explore
30 minutes

Greenland's hidden paradise where the traditional way of life is showcased amidst a hinterland of freely roaming musk ox and abundant fishing waters.

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Addons included this voyage

  • ChefOn board meals

    7x Breakfast, 6x Lunch, 6x Dinner

  • Sea sickness pillsSea sickness pills

    Motion sickness happens to most of us, especially in the beginning.

  • Wi-Fi onboard for 24 hoursWi-Fi onboard for 24 hours

    24-hour wifi access for one unit.

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Bedsize: 70x195 cm
Couchette Premium
Bedsize: 70x195 cm. Welcome to the epitome of comfort and luxury aboard the Sarfaq Ittuk ship, where we offer a total of 14 premium couchettes in a private and exclusive section. Designed with your utmost comfort in mind, this closed-off area boasts only two entrance doors, reserved exclusively for premium couchette travelers. Within this premium section, you'll find all the amenities you need for a relaxing journey. There are two well-appointed bathrooms and two toilets, ensuring convenience during your stay. Additionally, you'll have access to your own kitchenette, stocked with a selection of coffee, tea, and refreshing water, allowing you to enjoy your favorite beverages at your leisure. The premium couchettes themselves are a true embodiment of luxury. Each couchette is designed based on suite elements, featuring top-notch mattresses that guarantee a restful night's sleep. Premium beddings add an extra layer of comfort, ensuring you wake up refreshed and rejuvenated. To maximize your privacy, heavy curtains surround each couchette, creating a cozy and tranquil haven for you to unwind. Out of the 14 premium couchettes, three areas are equipped with two premium couchettes each, perfect for couples or travelers seeking extra space. In addition, there are two areas with four premium couchettes, ideal for families or larger groups. To keep you connected to the outside world and provide stunning views of the passing landscapes, each premium couchette area is fitted with a window. Experience the ultimate in relaxation and luxury during your voyage with our premium couchettes. We invite you to indulge in a journey marked by comfort, privacy, and breathtaking scenery. Your premium travel experience starts here.
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Couchette ↑ Top bunk
Couchettes are available in bunk sections for up to 8 people. There’s a shared bath and toilet in the hallway. Passengers usually bring their own sleeping bag, but it’s possible to buy a blanket in connection with buying a ticket online or in the information on the ship. Couchettes are available on decks 1, 2, and 3. Some of them don’t have a window.
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Welcome on board: Sarfaq Ittuk

M/S SARFAQ ITTUK was built in 1992, extended in 2000 and suite type cabins being introduced in 2023 and 2024. Its 73 metres in length allows the ship to dock directly in all ports where it is possible to disembark the ship for excursions.

  • Local crew: Service in greenlandic, english and danish.
  • Café Sarfaq: Open from 07:00 to 22:00 all days of the week.
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